ZODIAC Z300 Heat Pump

ZODIAC Z300 Heat Pump
ZODIAC Z300 Heat Pump ZODIAC Z300 Heat Pump
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1.Exercise in Soothing Warm Water

2.Warm Night Swims

3.No More Blue Lips

4.Jump Right in any Time

5.At the Lowest Total Cost Possible

The Zodiac Z300 Heat Pump range is suitable for most domestic pools and feature models that have the ability to cool as well as heat your pool. It is Zodiac's latest range of heat pumps and includes lots of user friendly features. It is the best heating product for pools up to 70,000litres, in all climates across Australia, and has the potential to provide "all year round swimming" when used with a thermal blanket.

Products available in the Z300 Range

  • Z300 MD5: Suitable for pools up to 50,000L*(heat/cool function)
  • Z300 M7: Suitable for pools up to 60,000L* (does not come with heat/cool)
  • Z300 MD8: Suitable for pools up to 70,000L* (heat/cool function)

Get the most out of your pool by getting a pool heat pump. We make it easy. Contact us and get the ball rolling!

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