Change Pool Filter Sand or Glass


Standard 25 inch media change

If your filter is bigger than 25 inch please get in touch

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Change your filter sand/glass every 3-5 years

Sand filters are popular because they’re one of the most affordable, low maintenance methods for pool filtration.

Don’t tackle the hard jobs yourself – Call the Professionals!

Knowing when to change the pool sand/glass in your filter probably won’t be obvious. However, if you’re keeping up with regular maintenance, and have an issue such as algae (black spot) it might be time to change the sand/glass.

Most sand filters use glass now, so each time we say sand, we are really saying glass. After all glass is made out of sand!

Filtration glass retains 4 times smaller particles than sand filtration media. This allows, among other things, to obtain a much clearer and crystalline water. It’s easily visible to the naked eye. Glass is also known for its ability to reduce bacterial growth in water and in the filter.

Recommend you change your filter sand/glass during the off season. (before the busy summer period, when our service technicians are stressed out)

Our filter service covers South East Queensland

Brisbane-Gold Coast-Sunshine Coast

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