Zodiac Baracuda Aquasphere Pool Cleaner – With Hoses – Wall Climber


The Aquasphere is the best value for money pool cleaner on the market. It performs incredibly well on all pool surfaces.



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This Pool Cleaner is one of Zodiac’s best kept secrets: Does the job incredibly well for such a tiny price tag.

Product Features:

  1. Works on all surfaces
  2. Finned disc scrubs the pool surface
  3. Comes with 10m hose
  4. Low noise levels
  5. Excellent coverage

Package Contents:

  1. Aquasphere Pool Cleaner
  2. AD Flow Valve
  3. Wheel Adaptor
  4. Weir Adaptor
  5. Hose Weight
  6. Wheel Deflector
  7. Leader Hose Adaptor
  8. Hose Protective Mesh
  9. 10 x 1m Hose Sections



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